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  • Run 4 Music 10k

    10 Tips to the 10k

    10 Tips for the 10k:  Leapfrog Athletics presents our Race Strategy for the upcoming Run 4 Music 10k this Saturday April 5th (OR any 10 for that matter.)  We wish you all the best:  may the road be kind, your pace be swift and the finish line find you fulfilled!!  Here is our Best Advice […]

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  • Coach Matt speaking after a Track Workout.

    Recovery Breathing: Controlling YOUR Breath in Interval Training.

    What do YOU do after completing your run interval? How do YOU recover your breath? How can you increase your capacity to run and lower your heart rate after completing a run interval? Learning about Recovery Breathing will increase your run capacities for both Speed and Endurance. In this video Coach Matt shares a TIP […]

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  • Coach Matt on Video

    Leapfrog Athletics Video: Quality, Quantity & Rest

    In this video Coach Matt talks about training quality runs vs. quantity of runs and the importance of rest. Knowing “WHY” you’re running and what the goal is for each run will help your training immensely. Learning to “Run with Purpose” instead of just logging miles. Leapfrog Athletics believes in QUALITY RUNS and being certain […]

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  • Matt Ready-4222

    Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 13

    Thoughts from the road. Running involves COMMITMENT… Running involves COMMITMENT. Running takes Time. Put in to much time running and not enough time recovering…the body can fail. Don’t put in enough time, running sporadically and playing the “weekend warrior” and the body can break. So where do you draw the line? How do you commit […]

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  • Matt Ready-4222

    Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 12

    Thoughts from the road. Going Forward in Reverse… I like running backwards!! Funny things happen when we just keep moving! Be it forward or backward, if we just keep going we always end up further along the road. How we move…That’s just a matter of circumstance. Sometimes we move quickly forward, other times we trudge […]

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  • Training Plans - Leapfrog Athletics

    Training Plans: “The Method to the Madness”

    Here Coach Matt talks about following training plans and “The Method to the Madness.” When following a training plan it’s important to remember that they are not written as individual workouts but instead as a structured training towards your goal. Each workout is written based on both the previous workouts and the workouts to follow. […]

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