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  • Training Plans - Leapfrog Athletics

    Training Plans: “The Method to the Madness”

    Here Coach Matt talks about following training plans and “The Method to the Madness.” When following a training plan it’s important to remember that they are not written as individual workouts but instead as a structured training towards your goal. Each workout is written based on both the previous workouts and the workouts to follow. […]

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  • Coach Matt on Video

    Leapfrog Athletics Video: Quality, Quantity & Rest

    In this video Coach Matt talks about training quality runs vs. quantity of runs and the importance of rest. Knowing “WHY” you’re running and what the goal is for each run will help your training immensely. Learning to “Run with Purpose” instead of just logging miles. Leapfrog Athletics believes in QUALITY RUNS and being certain […]

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  • Colorado Hills!

    Mechanics of Hill Running. Leapfrog Athletics VIDEO.

    Leapfrog Athletics presents Coach Matt on Video talking about how your run mechanics should change while hill running. As runners, we encounter many obstacles on the roads: Hills, Wind, Terrain…Do you know how to adjust your mechanics to overcome these obstacles in the most efficient and powerful way? Leapfrog Athletics continues to share tips and […]

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  • Leapfrog Triathlon

    Video: Training Form & Fundamentals, WHO trains w/Leapfrog.

    Coach Matt share what types of athlete Leapfrog is designed to train. We focus on Training Form & Fundamentals. Our Goal is to Maximize Efficiency and Prevent Injury. Both Beginners and those with Competative Desire are welcome and encouraged to train with Leapfrog Athletics. Our focus on Injury Prevention and Training Fundamentals will help Beginners […]

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  • Why "Leapfrog"

    Leapfrog Athletics Video: WHY “Leapfrog” GAP Training

    Coach Matt shares “WHY” we are called “Leapfrog.” Leapfrog describes the type of GAP training that we coach. What is your GAP? It’s reflective of your Active Recovery Time & Pace. In other words…when you hit THE WALL, how much do you have to slow down to recover? What is your GAP between your Hard […]

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  • Leapfrog Group Warm Up.

    Leapfrog Athletics Video: The Importance of Warm Up.

    Leapfrog Athletics Presents: Coach Matt on Video: Here Coach Matt goes over WHY you should incorporate a Warm Up into all of your training runs and workouts. We also discuss the number 1 mistake athletes make while warming up.

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